Where many Charlie Brown Quotes come from

The vivid memories that come from many of the classic Peanuts comic strip created by the great Charles M. Schulzs. The movies where first created during the sixties and are still being created, even right up to this year. Charlie Brown’s gang is so greatly popular that they appeal to many different generations and gather many different audiences. The most recent of the Peanuts stories to be told in movie form is A Charlie Brown Valentine. There have been many Charlie Brown movies for all of the holidays, but below are just a few of our truly favorite Charlie Brown movies. Continue reading

20 Great One line Charlie Brown Quotes

Here are a few of the best one lined Charlie Brown quotes that we have found across all the movies.

  1. If it goes without saying, why did you say it?
  2. Everything seems hopeless… I’m completely depressed.
  3. Dogs are really kind of peculiar… all they ever think about is eating… I call it a lack of depth.
  4. Well, farsighted is when you can… or that nearsighted? Farsighted is when you can see things that… or is it the other way around? Maybe it’s when you … or maybe.. or maybe it’s…
  5. I’m dying and all I hear is insults!

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