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Where many Charlie Brown Quotes come from

The vivid memories that come from many of the classic Peanuts comic strip created by the great Charles M. Schulzs. The movies where first created during the sixties and are still being created, even right up to this year. Charlie Brown’s gang is so greatly popular that they appeal to many different generations and gather many different audiences. The most recent of the Peanuts stories to be told in movie form is A Charlie Brown Valentine. There have been many Charlie Brown movies for all of the holidays, but below are just a few of our truly favorite Charlie Brown movies.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas – This movie is one that everyone remembers from their child hood, many great Charlie Brown Quotes have come from this movie. In this movie Charlie Brown searches for the true meaning to Christmas. From the beginning Charlie Brown is frustrated and depressed because all of his family and friends only want to deal with the present’s part of Christmas. Schroeder is obsessed with the Christmas pageant, Snoopy and Lucy can only think of is there presents and the holiday decorations, while the all the rest of Charlie’s friends want to do is write their letters to Santa to ensure they get the gifts they want for Christmas. Charlie Brown gets very upset and sets out to make sure everyone knows what Christmas is really about. He is upset because he believes Christmas has become too commercial. Charlie Brown has one task for the Christmas pageant that is to pick out a Christmas tree; however he has a wonderful idea on how he will show everyone the true meaning of Christmas. While looking for a tree he finds the ugliest and tiniest tree and takes that to the pageant. To everyone’s shock, Charlie Brown arrives with the tiny tree, but after a great speech by Linus, his best friend, everyone remembers what Christmas is really about.

2. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – All Charlie Brown wants to do is go to his grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. But before leaving, Peppermint Patty gives him a call on the telephone and invites herself to Charlie Browns house for Thanksgiving. Soon after inviting Peppermint Patty invites herself over, she also invites bunch of her friends over as well. Although he didn’t want to have two dinners, Linux soon convinces Charlie Brown that he can have both dinners on the same day. Throughout the whole film you see how Charlie Brown handles all of the distractions created by his family and friends; however they all still manage to create the best Thanksgiving ever. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving quotes have originated from this movie and have been repeated by many people of all generations.

3. A Charlie Brown Valentine – Created in 2004 this is the newest of movie in the Peanuts movie line. Charlie Brown takes a liking to a little red haired girl and is trying to find the courage to ask her to the Valentine’s Day school dance. While the movie takes place, he soon finds out that Peppermint Patty would like to go to the dance with him. Keeping true to the since of the other movies we learn a lesson on what Valentine Day is all about.

Charlie Brown TV specials have been shown in many homes across the world for many decades and with each year passes, there are only more TVs showing it to the younger generations.